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Posted on 26 November 2014

by J.Michael Leonard

(Every year, millions of turkeys are killed and devoured by Americans in a bizarre Thanksgiving ritual that dates back to the days of the Pilgrims. This is a clear violation of cruel and unusual,” especially considering that these turkeys are guilty of nothing more than being turkeys. In an attempt to shine a light on this shameful dark practice, I sat down with one such poor, doomed bird during its final hour. This, then, is the story of one turkeys tragic fate. Read, learn and then search your heart …)

You’re scheduled to be executed in an hour. What’s your story, how did you get here? Help me and my readers understand what’s in your mind right now. One short hour. Why, you’ll baste longer than that afterwards.”Turkey.640

“Thanks for reminding me.” He lights a cigarette, gripping his Bic with a taloned foot. “What’s my story? I’ll tell you my story, pal, I’m a turkey. You have no idea what it’s like being a turkey in America.”

“Tell us, we care, help us understand.”

“Look, we’re not pretty birds, we don’t fly, what do you want from us? We got these gnarly red sacs hanging from our beaks. You know what our language is? Gobble, gobble. That’s it. Every word in the turkey language consists of some form of gobble-gobble: gob, obble, ob, ob-ob, obble-gobble ~ that’s the way we talk. We’re a threat to no one. Yet, every Thanksgiving without fail, we are rounded up by the millions and cannibalized. And Thanksgiving isn’t even our holiday.”

He goes into a violent coughing fit, choking on the cigarette, his dewlap flapping and quivering like a shriveled red banderole in a high wind. I wait patiently. Finally, he sips from a glass of water, regaining his composure.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, peachy freakin keen. Do you realize that in a few short hours somebody’s gonna make gravy out of my giblets? Now, that’s just sick.” He scowls at his cigarette, snubs it out in a cluttered ashtray. “Geez, nasty habit, smoking. Gonna kill me one of these days.”

He offers a brief, humorless smile.

“So you feel that the Thanksgiving tradition is cruel and unusual?”

turkey red cigs“You tell me. Is genocide by mastication cruel? You want unusual? Try this: When there is nothing left but bones, fatty deposits and gristle, I will be made into soup. Turkey skeleton soup. Who in their right mind would eat skeleton soup? What’s wrong with fish? Isn’t that the other white meat? Big fat catfish goes good with cranberries. And it’s a scientific fact that fish don’t feel pain. You hook em in the mouth, you throw em back in the water, you eat em, you don’t eat em, what do they care?  They don’t. They’re a fish.”

“What do you think of turkey bowling?”

“I think turkey bowling stinks. Next question.”

“Would you support a Constitutional amendment that would make the killing of a turkey with the intention of eating it, a hate crime?”

“Well, the problem, you see, is that I am a turkey, and last time I looked turkeys don’t have the vote. We ain’t got representation in government. But, hey, even if we did, we’d still just be a bunch of turkeys. What do we know from anything?  We don’t even wear clothes. Bill’s gonna get passed into law that says ‘gobble, gobble’? I don’t see it happenin.”

“Do they give you a final meal in here?”

“Yeah. Pellets. Same thing they give me every meal. Tasteless brown pellets that I eat off the ground. I don’t even know what it is.”

“It might encourage you to know that there is a candlelight vigil being held outside right now in support of your right to life.”

“Oh how sweet. And then it’s straight back home to their big turkey dinner where some fat little pinhead will be fighting with his sister over who gets my leg.”fat-child-eating-chicken1

“That’s kind of cynical, don’t you think?”

“I meant it in a good way.”

“Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with us?”

“Well, maybe just that I’m fixin to be beheaded and my feathers plucked out and cooked in an oven and the flesh gnawed from my bones. And I can’t help thinking that’ll probably be a real disappointment for my mother.”

“I was hoping for something more upbeat. Like, tell us what you’re most thankful for this holiday season?”

“Well, I’ve got my health. I’m thankful for that.”

“Would you do something for me? Would you wish everyone in the listening audience a happy Thanksgiving in turkey language?

“Sure. Gobble ob nobble.”


Valentine’s Day Murderer Back to Court

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Valentine’s Day Murderer Back to Court

Posted on 30 September 2014

- michael younger w:nameThe killer Michael Younger will be back in court on Oct. 13, to see if he can convince a judge to dismiss a triple homicide rap from 15 years ago. On Valentine’s Day in 1999, Younger took part in the execution murder of three young people in a Cleveland, TN apartment because of a disagreement with one of them (O.J. Blair) the night before. The other two victims (Cayci Higgins & Dawn Rogers) were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Younger is seeking a dismissal because the case was botched so badly by former district attorney Steve Bebb’s office. Bebb was forced to “retire” earlier this year before the end of his term amid scandal, ethic violations and “criminal activity.”val Day murder vics

Meanwhile, Younger’s bond is set at $500,000. Incredible to think this murdering thug is just 10% of $500k away from freedom. Thank you, Steve Bebb.

And for you trivia buffs: Once upon a time Michael Younger was a protege to the villain Steve Bebb (or “Coach,” as his boys affectionately called him). Bebb even bought the fledgling young killer an expensive pair of athletic shoes so he would have every advantage in life.

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Perk & Hannah


HTC Co-Founder Passes

Posted on 19 September 2014

Perk & Hannah

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Give Me That Old Time Politickin’

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Give Me That Old Time Politickin’

Posted on 19 January 2014

Dear Hometown guys,eartothegroundlogo-sm.jpg

Your readers will get a kick out of this. I have been a member at First Baptist Church for about 10 years. State Rep. Eric Watson and his family has been attending for about as long as I have. Eric is pretty much in attendance every Sunday.

Ok. Now in all my years, I have never seen sheriff Jim Ruth darken the doorway of First Baptist Church. Maybe he’s attended and me not know about it, but I’ve never seen him there.

Imagine my surprise this morning (Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014) when I spotted old Jimbo and his wife Kathy, front and center in the congregation (two rows in front of me). Now don’t misunderstand me, I think that’s a good thing. I like seeing Jim Ruth in church, even if it was just this one time. BUT HE HAD a photographer with him SNAPPING PICTURES! I asked a friend who works at the justice center what was going on and he said Ruth has his campaign photographer following him around to get some good shots of him “worshipping.” Jim Ruth is just like Obama, going to church only for show, trying to drum up votes from the Baptists. LOL.

Anyway, I thought it was funny and everybody I talked to did, too and I wanted to send you a quick email and share.

Welcome to First Baptist, sheriff Jim Ruth. How about coming back when you’re not campaigning. Leave your entourage at home and act like a real person instead of a Hollywood wanna be.

just sign me “J.G.”

 (The above comment and all “Ear 2 The Ground” articles are submitted by our readers and in no way reflect the views, opinions or flavor preferences of HTC. Anyone may submit an “Ear 2 The Ground” — simply email your comments to admin [at]

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In the Old Sign Shop, too?!!

CPD, Ear 2 The Ground

In the Old Sign Shop, too?!!

Posted on 05 January 2014

Dear Hometowncleveland:eartothegroundlogo-sm.jpg

“Did you know Janice Casteel had been receiving complaints about snyder/marr from city employees for over a year? (Wes and Sharon) would spend over an hour in Sharon’s office with the door locked. Her office is in the municipal building annex.

They also complained to Casteel about Snyder/Marr spending time together in the old sign shop that is in the back lot of the pd. They eventually had to change the locks because they could not keep them out of it.

I know Casteel also called snyder in over a year ago and asked him about the complaints and he denied it to her.”

— name withheld by request

(The above comment and all “Ear 2 The Ground” articles are submitted by our readers and in no way reflect the views, opinions or flavor preferences of HTC. Anyone may submit an “Ear 2 The Ground” — simply email your comments to admin [at]

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More Incompetence & Waste From Ruth-Bird

Posted on 16 December 2013

A recent hissy fit by Sheriff Jim Ruth cost taxpayers over $12,000. Angry that the County Commission refused to fund a new workhouse building for non-violent offenders, and doubly angry that they turned control of the program over to the mayor, Ruth ordered approximately 140 state inmates to be moved out of the Bradley Co. jail and shipped elsewhere. BUSSESS

But rather than follow normal protocol for transporting inmates, Ruth appropriated two county school buses and used them to haul the prisoners instead. Problem is, neither he nor his deputy drivers seem to understand the difference between gasoline and diesel engines (not to mention, one of the deputies didn’t possess the correct drivers license endorsement to legally drive a bus).

Long story short, they filled one bus with gasoline instead of diesel fuel and blew the motor when they started it up. Ruth’s boneheaded stunt cost taxpayers $12,000 in damages, plus the money the jail lost by dumping the state prisoners (Bradley Co. is paid for housing state and federal prisoners).

Just more incompetence and waste from Sheriff Jim Ruth and his chief handler Wayne Bird.

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Sharon Marr


Storage Warehouse of Love

Posted on 06 December 2013

Following is the sequence of events surrounding the breaking story of the fall of Police Chief Wes Snyder as it appeared on our FaceBook page. As usual, we were first with the story. And, also as usual, our detractors called us liars and said we were wrong about the chief. For the record then, here is how the Snyder story first broke …

On Dec. 6, 2013 at 3:40 pm, HTC FB broke the Snyder story thusly:


CPD Chief Wes Snyder was called into City Manager Janice Casteel’s office this morning before lunch and given the option to resign or be fired. After giving it some thought, Snyder chose to resign.

Sources tell us Snyder was caught on video drinking and driving after partying with a woman he is said to have been carrying on a long-term sexual relationship (we choose not to identify her at this time).

Snyder’s tenure as police chief has been marked by drug use, lawlessness and sexual misconduct throughout the department, including officers having sex with minor girls as young as 13.

No word yet on who Snyder’s replacement will be.

Sharon MarrAlthough that account was a bit lurid (the HTC FB crew are a tad more dramatic than we are here at the HTC website), it was spot-on accurate. The following day, after giving it further consideration, HTC FB decided to reveal the name of the woman.

On Dec. 7, 2013 at 12:21 pm, in response to a reader’s comment saying  we should reveal who the woman is, HTC FB wrote:

… Mainstreet Cleveland is a non-profit organization funded by “both the private and public sector.” Snyder’s girlfriend, Sharon Marr, is the director of Mainstreet Cleveland.

And we posted this link to Mainstreet Cleveland:

About 30 minutes later (give or take), HTC FB posted an update on the story written by Judy Walton of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, revealing Marr’s name and giving more details:


by Judy Walton

Cleveland Police Chief Wes Snyder’s sudden retirement may be linked to the discovery of a love nest in a warehouse unit rented to MainStreet Cleveland.

The Cleveland Police Department this afternoon released an incident report dated Dec. 4 in which officers recovered a video showing MainStreet Cleveland Executive Director Sharon Marr entering and spending about 90 minutes in a rental unit with a “white man in a brown suit” who arrived with her in her car.

Cleveland police spokeswoman Evie West this afternoon confirmed the man was identified as Snyder.

Marr could not be reached for comment this afternoon.

Officers admitted to the unit by the warehouse owner found a rug, blankets and pillows and a bottle of brandy, according to the police report.

Snyder submitted his retirement letter Friday.

This may seem like a lot of rigmarole just to reiterate a story that we’ve already told on FaceBook, but we do so for two reasons:

1. Every time we break a story about the unbelievably skanky and/or criminal behavior of public officials in Cleveland/Bradley, we get attacked and labeled as mean-spirited liars who don’t know what we’re talking about. And in every instance we are vindicated when the affiliate news stations finally pick the stories up (The Cleveland Daily Banner always being last to get on-board, or not at all). And, frankly, we’re tired of being called mean-spirited liars by people who actually are mean-spirited liars.

2. Google won’t pick our stories up from FaceBook, so we wanted to roll it over to the website where Google will pick it up. A little self-indulgent self-promotion on our part, but when people Google “Wes Snyder” or related topics, we want to appear in the feed.

So there.

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Sheriff Jim Ruth ~ Campaigning at Taxpayer Expense

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Sheriff Jim Ruth ~ Campaigning at Taxpayer Expense

Posted on 16 October 2013

vote jim ruth or elseLooks like Sheriff Jim Ruth and Chief Deputy Wayne Bird are prepared to do anything to win re-election in the upcoming Sheriff’s race, including appropriating tax money and taxpayer-funded resources to support Jim Ruth’s campaign.

HTC has learned Ruth and Bird called a secret campaign meeting on Monday (Oct. 14) with their majors and captains at the BCSO maintenance garage to discuss the upcoming Sheriff’s race and to strong-arm employees into supporting it.

According to the supervisor who gave HTC this information, the Ruth-Bird political machine has ordered top BCSO commanders to attend all community events and has required all School Resource Officers to attend every school function, including ballgames and PTO meetings in order to step up the BCSO’s presence in the community. The sheriff has promised to pay them overtime until the election is over, again at taxpayer expense.

The campaign strategy is to fully utilize all the taxpayer-funded BCSO bells and whistles — such as the tank, motorcycles, the command post, etc. — to support Jim Ruth’s bid to win re-election.

Since taking office in 2010, Sheriff Jim Ruth and Chief Deputy Wayne Bird have demonstrated a willingness to deceive, wheedle, connive and threaten in order to advance their agenda. But forcing Bradley County taxpayers to finance a dirty political campaign is not only a new low, it is illegal.

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The Wood Pecker Bumps His Nose

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The Wood Pecker Bumps His Nose

Posted on 23 September 2013


A few months ago former Bradley County Sheriff’s Captain Jimmy Woody was caught with his pants down, using his position as head of the BCSO’s Criminal Investigation Division to hide evidence in exchange for sexual favors from a well-known, 20-year-old cop groupie.

Of course, our sources tell us this isn’t the first time Jimmy “the Wood Pecker” Woody let his “little member” make his decisions for him. A while back, there was a big love triangle blowout between the Wood Pecker, another BCSO deputy and a femme fatale in the BCSO administration building. Evidently, he didn’t like that another cop was cheating with the same girl he was cheating with. Okay, so adultery isn’t a crime; but adultery on the tax payer dime is. At least it is when the adulterer isn’t one of Sheriff Jim Ruth’s and Chief Deputy Wayne Bird’s blessed and highly favored fanny-kissers.

Anyway, long story short, because of media attention, Woody was fired from his job, pled guilty to “one count” of tampering with evidence and was sentenced to three years in the Department of Corrections.

woody-woodpeckerOf course, Woody is fortunate because District Attorney Steve Bebb is even more smarmy than he is, and had Woody placed on “Judicial Diversion.” That means the Wood Pecker saw no jail time, and in a couple years the whole thing will disappear into the black hole of “expungement.”

After he walked away a free man, Woody was hired by Don Ledford Automotive as a car salesman, which is so apt and ironic that it isn’t even funny.

juniorNow HTC has learned that the Wood Pecker was fired from his Don Ledford gig this past week because he couldn’t pass his background check. We do not know the specifics, only that Woody’s background check “wasn’t clean” … meaning there were things in there that disqualified him from even being a used car salesman.

What was it, then, that Sheriff Jim Ruth found so appealing about Woody that, in 2010, he promoted him to the rank of Captain and placed him in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division? According to our sources, the Wood Pecker’s main qualification was that when Wayne Bird said, “Jump,” Woody would say, “How high?”

Nothing left to do now but for D.A. Steve Bebb to get Woody a law enforcement job in Monroe County. That’s the route Bebb usually takes when cops are too emotionally distraught to hold a job in Bradley County.

maxresdefaultBy the way, do you know who else failed a background check? Well, he would have if one had been performed. Chief Deputy Wayne Bird, that’s who. Actually, Wayne Bird never even filled out a job application at the BCSO because he and Jim Ruth didn’t want the public to know about all the jobs Bird was fired from in Florida (it was so bad down there, even the Florida governor launched an investigation into Wayne’s antics). Bird was hustled up here to Bradley County right after Ruth won the election and installed as the brand spanking new BCSO Chief Deputy. Ruth was repaying a political favor.

Our point? Well, our point is, incompetence breeds corruption. And it don’t get more incompetent than Jim Ruth and Wayne Bird.

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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, BCSO Style

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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, BCSO Style

Posted on 05 September 2013

HTC-News-HoundFolks, this news is so breaking, you’ll think it’s a Waffle House egg …

Sheriff Jim Ruth and Co-Sheriff Wayne Bird are shaking it up over at the BCSO. Nobody, and we mean nobody, knows about this stuff (hats off to the boys at the Garage, we owe you drinks).

Captain Brian Quinn of Patrol has been demoted to rank of Lieutenant over Courts. Friends, that’s not a demotion, that’s a bitch-slap. This news is so hot off the press, we’re not sure if even Quinn knows about it yet. Ruth/Bird demoted him because he had knowledge of a TBI investigation of Capt. Jimmy Don Woody, and he didn’t tell Ruth or Bird about it. Of course the TBI was investigating the BCSO and had told Quinn not to talk, but that’s neither here nor there under this administration.

GomergarageLt. John Stone has been promoted to rank of Captain of Patrol, filling the spot vacated by Brian Quinn. According to our sources, Stone is Wayne Bird’s numero uno snitcho. Wayne “Black Box” Bird loves spying on people and Stone is his eye on the sly.

Major Jon Collins, who has up to now been in charge of both Patrol and Corrections, is now in charge only of Corrections. Corrections is the Siberia of the BCSO, and according to Major Hawg, Collins is livid about it.

Lt. David Shoemaker has been promoted to rank of Captain of CID.

Lt. Bill Dyer has been promoted to rank of Captain of Courts. This allows Capt. W. G. Campbell to relinquish his duties to Courts and return to full time oversight of Traffic and Special Services.

Again, this news is so hot, if you get too close while you’re reading it, you may burst into flames. In fact, is that steam coming out of Wayne Bird’s ears?

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Watch Your Children


Watch Your Children

Posted on 02 September 2013

HTC-News-HoundAnother scandal for Sheriff Jim Ruth & Chief Deputy Wayne Bird’s BCSO.

Yesterday, we told you that Another Bradley County Sheriff’s Deputy, was under investigation by the TBI. Now for a little more of the story.

Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Wayne Bird said today that the deputy was placed on administrative leave. He further stated; “We feel it is improper at this time to name the deputy, due to the nature of the allegation,” Bird said. “Hopefully, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office will have more information soon pending outcome of an Internal Affairs [inquiry] and the TBI investigation.” TBI’s Tate also declined to identify the deputy

We report that the BCSO deputy being protected is BCSO Sergeant Bill Coultry.

Coultry is the third supervisor, in less than six months, on the Ruth/Bird BCSO team that has been 20130902-204750.jpgcaught up in inappropriate and illegal sex acts, and it seems that the girls just get younger and younger. This time the victim is a 12 year old child.

Was Sergeant Coultry nailed by Sheriff Jim Ruth’s “Zero Tolerance” edict, he wrote about in his weekly column, in the Cleveland Daily Banner? No, dear reader, that policy is only for the general citizens or Ruth’s political enemies he is so fond of discussing. Being on Sheriff Ruth’s team lets you have pretty much whatever you want, even if it’s a prepubescent child.

HTC has no compunction to protect Sheriff Ruth, Chief Deputy Bird, or Sergeant Bill Coultry. Hey, Bird Brains, you should feel its “improper” to be having sex with children, and you should be worried about protecting the community, and especially children, from the sexual escapades and illegal activity of your Sheriff’s Office.

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Cleveland: Danger City, USA


Cleveland: Danger City, USA

Posted on 03 August 2013

grunge-danger-backgroundChief Wes Snyder might not have control of his people, but at least his city is in the top 100 most dangerous in America.

According to, a website that keeps up with such info, out of 100 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. with populations of 25,000 or more, Cleveland ranks 70th.

We will repeat that: Wes Snyder’s Cleveland is the 70th most dangerous city of its size in the country. Dum da dum dum.

According to the website, your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in the entire state of Tennessee is one in 164. In Cleveland it’s one in 95. Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Tennessee is one in 28. In Cleveland it’s one in 18.

Now we’ll say right off the bat, Snyder could probably reduce both violent crimes and property crimes by simply dealing with the gang problem that he says doesn’t exist. All you have to do is count the tags (gang signs) around town and add up the bangers in lock-up to know it definitely does exist. But hey ~ that’s just us.

One thing we noticed, the website gave the population of Cleveland as 41,723; whereas the official Cleveland website,, puts that number at 41,285. That’s a difference of 438 people, but it’s possible those 438 people moved to the county for some reason or other, or left the area altogether, we don’t know. But claims their figures are based on FBI stats. Maybe they know something we don’t.

So ends another episode of Cleveland: Danger City, USA.

Dum da dum dum.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane Via Sex Cop Blvd.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane Via Sex Cop Blvd.

Posted on 30 July 2013

(Following is a reprint of the original Westwood Baptist sex cops story written by investigative reporter J. Michael Leonard for the now defunct Bradley News Weekly and published on September 3, 2003. Lee Reese was the chief of police at that time and this story proved to be the spark that ignited “Reesegate” and led to Reese being fired and replaced by Wes Snyder.)


road-signPractically everyone knows by now the story of the two Cleveland police officers who were allegedly caught having sex in the back of an SUV in the Westwood Baptist Church’s parking lot during the morning of March 15.

In fact, it was the incident at Westwood that proved to be the catalyst in the current controversy and scrutiny surrounding Cleveland Chief of Police Lee Reese. Many questions have been raised regarding the early morning March 15 incident at Westwood, as well as a subsequent incident two months later.

Cleveland City Councilman Tim Gobble was trying to get some answers regarding the two incidents when Reese, according to a statement released to the news media on Aug. 24, turned for help to his friend Jackie Moore, the chief of police in Franklin, Tennessee. Moore told Cleveland Daily Banner editor Larry Bowers on Aug. 22 that he is a “special friend” of Gobble’s female supervisor at the Secret Service, Sara Beth Pulliam.

Moore appealed to Pulliam to intercede on Reese’s behalf and she was reportedly only too happy to help. She summoned Gobble to her office in Nashville on or around Aug. 13 and reportedly gave him the option of quitting the City Council or losing his job with the Secret Service. Gobble chose to leave the Council.

Since that time, the Bradley News Weekly has been working with several sources within the Cleveland Police Department who say they feel the public and the city council is being misled about the seriousness of the problems with Reese’s administration.

“The reason I’m talking to you,” one source told us, “is because the CPD has such a bad track record on domestics. I’m putting my job and family on the line to speak out.”

Here is what the Weekly has learned of the two incidents that Gobble was so concerned about in the weeks prior to his resignation.


According to sources within the Cleveland Police Department, on March 15, 2003, two CPD police officers (one on-duty married male; one off-duty single female) pulled into the parking lot of the Westwood Baptist Church around 4:00 in the morning. The female was driving an SUV; the male officer was in a CPD patrol car.

The male officer got out of his vehicle and joined the female officer in the back of the SUV.

A female marathon runner who lives nearby happened to be on Westwood’s jogging/walking track at the time. She saw the officers when they arrived, approximately 150 yards away. She saw them get out of their vehicles and climb into the back of the SUV. On her next lap around the track, the witness noticed the SUV rocking.

She stopped and peered through the SUV’s window and saw the two officers, in shadow, in a compromising position. She then interrupted and admonished them. As she continued her run, she saw the two officers get out of the back of the SUV, return to their respective vehicles and leave.

The witness allegedly reported the incident to Lee Reese.

When the male officer’s supervisor heard of the incident and the witness’ report, he recommended the on-duty male officer involved be charged with leaving his sector and “conduct unbecoming an officer.”

Reese told council members there was no evidence the two officers were doing anything but “having coffee.” Therefore, the charge of conduct unbecoming an officer would have seemed unwarranted and was dropped.

The male officer was charged with leaving his zone and suspended for two days. He used two days leave time to cover the suspension.


According to sources within the CPD, on May 23, 2003, the male officer involved in the Westwood incident, after an evening of drinking, decided to confess his infidelity to his wife.

The wife did not receive the confession very well and the two got into a heated argument. The wife eventually called the female officer who had also been involved in the Westwood incident and there was an intense argument between the two women over the telephone.

The female officer professed to be in love with the male officer and as the two women argued over the phone, the male officer, who was quite intoxicated by that time, became more and more agitated. He yelled at his wife to get off the phone and, in a state of frustration and rage, allegedly punched holes in the walls of their home and destroyed a dresser. By this time, the couple was in a full-blown domestic situation.

At some point, the officer left the home, on foot, wearing little more than a pair of jogging shorts. After a time, the wife became concerned and contacted a CPD officer who, along with another person from the 911 Call Center, went out to look for him.

The heavily intoxicated officer was located at the Waterville Grocery.

In addition to the responding officer, the officer’s wife and girlfriend also came upon the scene. The responding officer contacted his supervisor, who was working security elsewhere. The supervisor advised the responding officer to defuse the situation by sending everyone home, which he did.

On June 9, a memo was sent through the CPD chain of command, reporting the incident and recommending it be investigated by the Internal Affairs Division (IAD). The memo was reviewed by Reese and Captain Tommy McLain, among others.

On June 10, Reese began the process of sending the investigation through IAD. Shortly after, on that same date, Reese stopped the IAD investigation and the officer was sent for a psyche evaluation instead.

There are many ways the second incident violated the CPD’s own domestic policy 500.44 (which was revised on February 15 of 2003). The fact that no Offense Report went on the record and no supervisor was called to the scene are just two.

When asked about it by Councilman Tim Gobble at the July 28 Cleveland City Council meeting, Reese denied any knowledge of a second incident.

As of press time, the Weekly has learned that the CPD administration has either rewritten Policy 500.44, or is in the process of rewriting Policy 500.44, in an apparent attempt cover for mistakes made during the second incident.

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Female City Cop has Domestic Melt-Down


Female City Cop has Domestic Melt-Down

Posted on 28 July 2013

imageIn addition to Chief Wes Snyder’s male sex cops and pedophiles with badges, add one unstable female.

Officer Jennifer McGuire evidently went ballistic on Michigan Avenue last Friday night (July 26), and threatened to commit murder and suicide. During a domestic melt-down, McGuire faced down ten police cars threatening to kill herself and various others until she was subdued and carried away for a “mental evaluation.”


Right now details are sketchy, but be patient ~ eventually the Times Free Press will “break” the story. Yes, as a matter of fact, we are being sarcastic.

The whole cheesy episode sounds like a limp-wristed replay of DTF Bobby Queen’s domestic melt-down back in 2008 (Click). And just like Queen, no charges have been filed against McGuire. If he holds true to form, District Attorney Steve Bebb will fix it so she doesn’t have to face any legal consequences.

20130729-005335.jpgIf Jennifer McGuire’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the one who was caught “cavorting” with CPD sex cop Bill Hidgon over at First Baptist after she got her car stuck in the mud. Man, talk about flash-backs … anybody remember the CPD sex-cops caught cavorting at Westwood Baptist in 2003? (Click Here) What is it about Baptist church parking lots that attracts CPD perverts? Don’t they realize these are houses of worship?

Meanwhile, what of Cleveland’s crime rate? Is anyone at the CPD at all concerned about that? According to, out of 100 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., Cleveland ranks 70th (Click For Source). Oh, Wes Snyder, that’s quite a legacy you’re leaving for yourself. Guess it’s a family tradition.


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The Grift That Keeps on Grifting

Posted on 24 July 2013

Police Chief Wes Snyder and his frat boy cops should have their own reality show. Or maybe we should say, Police Chief Wes Snyder and his frat boy cops are their own reality show.

First, a very abbreviated recap: In 2006, two female prisoners came forward to accuse Cleveland police officer Ross Allen Wooten of having sex with them in November of 2005. After a TBI investigation, Wooten was charged with two counts of official misconduct. In 2007, he was found not guilty in a court of law of at least one of the charges. It was a case of he-said-she-said, and prisoners, female or otherwise, are not the most credible witnesses.

End of story.

Oops. Not quite.

HTC has learned that Wooten once again has the TBI sniffing around him, and the story is a familiar one. According to a source close to the case, Wooten has been suspended from the CPD pending further investigation. He has been accused of “returning to a crime scene and forcing himself” on a female there. The good news is, the female is said to be “of age.” Looks like Snyder still doesn’t have his guys under control, but at least they’re hitting on grown-ups.



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The Sins of the Past

BCSO, CPD, Tim Gobble

The Sins of the Past

Posted on 22 July 2013

wes-fat-boyIn 2003, long-simmering discontent, favoritism and misbehavior within the Cleveland Police Department came to a head. Lee Reese, who was chief of police at that time, found himself on the losing end of a “petition of no confidence,” signed and/or supported by 74 rank-and-file CPD officers.

Long story short, when the smoke cleared, Reese was out and up-and-comer Wes Snyder was in.

Thus began the reign of Chief Wes Snyder, and right away discontent, favoritism and misbehavior became the order of business. To quote the Who: “Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.”

Early on during his administration, a number of CPD officers were being openly accused of illegal activities while on duty, including rampant drug use and having sex with minors. Snyder chose to ignore the situation.

Eventually, in 2009, the scandal broke and Snyder swore up and down that he had no knowledge of the accusations against his officers. In fact, he said the charge that he knew about the cops’ illegal activity beforehand was “completely false.”

Therefore, it must have been embarrassing for him when an internal memo came to light detailing a meeting between several of the accused CPD officers and CPD brass regarding the allegations. The memo had been written by Asst. Chief Gary Hicks on official CPD stationary and was dated May 29, 2008. According to Hicks, the meeting had been called at the behest of Snyder himself, although Snyder chose not to attend.

Hicks’ memo stated, in part, “No accusations were made; however, the officers were warned about unbecoming and unacceptable behavior, including, but not limited to, dating minors, porn on City-owned phones, consumption of alcoholic beverages while off-duty, snorting crushed pills, oral sex in public, and running from other law enforcement agencies.”

Incredibly, Snyder still took no action against the renegade police officers and, as stated in the memo, no accusations were even made against them. The cops’ bad behavior continued.

Again, long story short, the whole sorry mess was eventually exposed and went public, there was a big stink, officers were fired, some did time, butts were covered, politicians preened and blustered, yadda yadda yadda, and the media moved on to other things. Wes Snyder dodged the bullet on that one.

End of story?

Well, not quite. One might ask, what became of the teenage girls Snyder’s cops were screwing on the taxpayers’ dime? Did they grow up to live happy, productive, well-adjusted lives … or did Snyder just write them off as collateral damage?

Well, at least one of those girls has popped back up again.

Last month it was revealed that Capt. Jimmy Don Woody of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office was in trouble after having been “solicited by a female acquaintance.” That’s spin-speak. In plain language, Woody just couldn’t keep it in his pants, and agreed to hide evidence against a “female acquaintance” in exchange for the occasional session of hunka-chunka.

And who is this “female acquaintance”? Folks, meet Brenna Avery Wilson, who was 15 years old when Chief Snyder’s cops were sexing her with casual abandon. She’s twenty now with a small child and evidently still enticing cops with her provocative feminine wiles, including weak-willed and susceptible Jimmy Don Woody. And, as they say, another one bites the dust (with more to follow?). How many notches on Brenna’s pistol does that make? Not even 21 and the girl’s a regular cop killer.

But don’t worry about Woody. Our illustrious district attorney, Stephen Bebb, swooped in to save the day ~ sort of a good news, bad news kind of thing. The bad news is, Woody lost his cushy taxpayer-funded job at the Sheriff’s Office, pled guilty to “one count” of tampering with evidence and was sentenced to three years in the Department of Corrections. The good news is, DA Bebb pressed the sentencing court to suspend Woody’s sentence and have him placed on “Judicial Diversion”; that is, if Woody keeps his “nose” clean, in a couple of years it will be as though nothing ever happened.

And the girl? Brenna? Who cares … she’s just another cop groupie. Wes Snyder’s collateral damage. She’s still out there sashaying around, getting older but still able to snag her some cops who are willing to compromise their careers, families and reputations for a shot at her. Don’t worry about her. She and the other sexually-abused children were fledgling bad girls when Snyder swept them under the rug in 2008, and they’re still bad girls now, not worth your concern.

And Woody? The man was in charge of the BCSO’s Criminal Investigation Division, one of the most powerful and important departments in the County. Now he’s selling cars over at Don Ledford. Okay, so maybe it’s a step down, but not as far down as a jail cell. So go on over to Ledford’s and ask for Woody, maybe he’ll give you a deal on a new car. If you’re a cute teenage girl and know how to use your tongue, you can probably get a free test drive.

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Help Us Locate the Samoan

Random Info

Help Us Locate the Samoan

Posted on 22 July 2013

2009-American-SamoaWe were recently perusing the City of Cleveland’s official website, when we were drawn to the section covering demographics. According to, Cleveland has a population of 41,285 people.

The white population is the majority, coming in at 35,537, and followed by blacks at 3,529. But there are also 461 American Indians, 747 Asians, 62 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, 2,011 people of “some other race” …

Okay, but breaking it down further, the demographic divides into ethnic sub-categories … you break down “Asian” into Chinese (91), Filipino (42), Japanese (16), and so on. With that in mind, when you break down the ethnic group “Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders” into sub-categories, one of those sub-categories is “Samoan.” According to the city’s official website, Cleveland has exactly one Samoan.

1-samoan-taulima-kristy-maoIn all the 41,285 people in Cleveland, all the different demographics and sub-categories, there are always other people of the same sub-category. For every ethnic person in the city of Cleveland there is someone else here of that ethnicity. Except for this one guy, this solitary Samoan walking around town somewhere. That’s got to be one isolated Samoan.

That’s why we decided that we wanted to find out who that guy is, and we want you to help us. We want to find that guy and meet him. So we ask if anybody knows the whereabouts or identity of Cleveland’s one single, solitary Samoan resident, please let us know. We want to buy that guy a steak. Or whatever he would like to eat. We want to take his picture, get to know him, if we have any money left, maybe give him a gift card.

E-mail us here at and help us locate the Samoan.

This has been a public service announcement.

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DA Steve Bebb Saves Another Lawbreaker


DA Steve Bebb Saves Another Lawbreaker

Posted on 01 July 2013

20130701-184033.jpgDistrict Attorney Steve Bebb ~ possibly the most corrupt DA the 10th Judicial District as ever seen ~ has struck again. Those who have followed Bebb’s career, know he has consistently used his position and office to help lawbreakers avoid answering for their crimes (including drug dealer and Valentine’s Day triple-murderer Michael Younger).

Time and again, Bebb has stepped up to the plate to thwart justice and give some bad guy a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free pass. His latest perversion of the judicial system was on behalf of Bradley County Sheriff’s Capt. Jimmy Don Woody.

Last week, HTC reported that Woody was the subject of a TBI investigation for “official misconduct and tampering with evidence.” According to the TBI, while serving as head of the BCSO’s Criminal Investigation Division, Woody hid or destroyed evidence against select females charged with crimes in exchange for “sexual favors.”

This morning (7-1-13), a scant 10 days after the TBI began their investigation, Woody’s case has been adjudicated, pled out and laid to rest. End of story.

20130626-233019.jpg(We heard someone say, “Ten days! That’s got to be a record.” One would think, but it’s not. The record for Bebb exonerating a cop for breaking the law goes to DTF agent Bobby Queen, who took his wife hostage, shot up his neighborhood with automatic weapons, threatened a “blood bath” if anyone came near him, and held off three different SWAT teams throughout the night until he finally gave up. Not only did Queen never spend a night in jail, Bebb refused to even charge him. In fact, Bebb called Queen a hero and hired him to work law enforcement in Monroe County because he had lost his job over the stand-off. So the 10 days it took to exonerate Woody was not a record … Queen still holds that title.)

But back to the Woody case, early this morning, before business hours, Woody showed up at the BCSO and, in a closed-door meeting (Wayne Bird loves him some closed-door meetings) “tendered his resignation.” Whether it was forced or voluntary, we don’t know, but it stinks of a deal. Because after that, “someone from the DA’s office” (ADA Stephen Hatchett? Bebb himself?) pulled Woody aside and walked him over to the judge’s chambers for another closed-door meeting. We understand that in that closed-door meeting, the district attorney pled Woody out on unspecified charges. He was given a “judicial diversion” of three years. If he stays out of trouble, it will be as if the whole thing never happened, could probably even get his P.O.S.T. certification back and be a cop again. (Wonder who got custody of Woody’s little black book containing the names and phone numbers of all the female miscreants who will do anything to stay out of jail?)

But that’s just how Steven Bebb spells justice.

Chalk up another scandal for the Jim Ruth-Wayne Bird administration, aided and abetted by District Attorney Steve Bebb. And, as a sort of post script to this story, maybe someone can tell us why Deputy Heath Arthur wasn’t similarly fired over the $1,500 in cash evidence that went missing. Some say he took it; we don’t know and don’t really care ~ we’d be happy if Jim Ruth or Wayne Bird or whoever’s running that monkey farm over there would just acknowledge that it happened.


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TBI Gets a Woody


TBI Gets a Woody

Posted on 26 June 2013

HTC has learned that Bradley County Sheriff’s Capt. Jimmy Don Woody has been placed on administrative leave and is the subject of an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

TBI spokesperson, Agent Kristin Helm, confirmed that Woody had come under scrutiny for “official misconduct and tampering with evidence.” She described the investigation as “open and ongoing.” Sources close to the case tell us the charges against Woody allege he hid evidence in exchange for sexual favors.

In 2010, Sheriff Jim Ruth promoted Woody to the rank of Captain and placed him in charge of the BCSO Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

More on this story as it develops

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