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Corruption in Bradley County

Posted on 04 January 2008 by Earwax

eartothegroundlogo-sm.jpgWhatever corruption there is in the County and the City should be exposed. Whether it lies within the judicial system, including judges, the District Attorney’s Office, the lawyers, the staffing or within the Mayors’ Offices, the City and County Officials, the Police Chief, the Sheriff, wherever and with whomever, pollution within these bodies should be uncovered. When you have a case before a judge and use a local attorney you should not be afraid that some back room deal is going on that sacrifices you or your case due to some misdeed or some deal that the attorneys have cooked up. When the judge sits on the bench there should not be something dangling over his head to influence his decision making and fairness.

Should the Bradley County Bar Association be investigated and the attorneys involved? Are they policing themselves properly or covering up without reprimands?

Is it true there is much corruption in Bradley County and that certain people know the dirt and use it at the expense of all of us? Are certain cases and types of situations handled differently due to some personal problem that the judge or D.A. or the attorney may have? These are just questions, and should we or shouldn’t we be sifting through those who hold power and influence and asking for bcsocid.jpgthe best and for them to do what is right. Clean house, every once in a while it is good to get rid of the dust bunnies and clear the deck and wipe the slate clean. An attorney or two holding power, a judge or two making bad decisions, all feeling that they are scotched in their jobs because they know something on so and so and they in turn know something on the next so and so and the nasty little web of corruption grows.

Before you choose an attorney in Cleveland and Bradley County, just think about these things. Are they circling the wagons and what else may be going on that needs to be known that may harm you, your family or the community?

For corrupt systems and power players to be knocked down you simply have to chip away and chip away the edges and eventually they may fall.

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  1. Texas Troublemaker Says:

    I just posted a comment on BNW on this same subject. Considering that this article has a more appropriate title, I am reposting my comment here. I hope that others will do the same because the subject is very important.

    “Considering the info in post #490 it is evident that the infamous tape is nothing but the tip of a black iceberg – an iceberg that has broken off a glacier of local judiciary misdeeds. It is becoming rather apparent that some lawyers, judges and their minions have formed and participated in a dubious organization that has as its purpose mutual gratification, rather than preservation and maintenance of impartial justice. The words ‘good old boys’ come to mind, however, do not apply to this mess because there is nothing ‘good’ about the players in the Hagler case.

    For future reference, keep in mind the names of the players who have manipulated each other in this case. Who attempted to keep the tape a secret from the public? Who talked the judge into resigning and after he did, failed to notify the agency that would have looked into the judge’s conduct? Who sits on both sides of the fence? Who has failed to consider that Mrs Rogers was a victim in this case and that she was so frightened that she had to eventually see a doctor?

    To add to the mess, the family of the murdered priest is asking that the tape be released so that the general public can review it to see if there might be clues about the murder. No one has considered that such a request probably has more merit than a simple release of the tape to the newspapers.”

  2. Cerebral Assassin Says:

    You already know this I am sure but the “clearing” of Snyder was not a real clearing. He uses his power to punish those he has personal issues with or that his wife tells him to (she makes Rory Reese look like a schoolgirl).

    Also take a peek into his highest henchmen. The rank and file are mostly good guys trying to do a good and honest job against all odds. But those closest to him are dirty to the bone and a disgrace to the badge.

    The sheriff’s department has a few dirty badges too, but they have so far managed to keep their dealings from the sheriff himself. It will be interesting to see how they are handled when Gobble learns of their ways. I don’t think he will tolerate any smudge on the badge. He doesn’t seem the best at bean counting and such, but he is definitely straight as an arrow himself.

  3. SickOfIt Says:

    Another good question is why is it that since Captain Lawson of the Drug Unit took over after Gobble was elected the big money drug seizures have vanished??? They can’t seem to catch anyone, or at least the money isn’t making it back.

    Wasn’t this guy family of the cocaine scandal guy? Something stinks and it isn’t Dan Gilley’s family meth lab .

  4. SickOfIt Says:

    The coverups continue with the Bobby Queen story. Steve Bebb & Tim Gobble seem to be working together to keep this things quiet and not punish the dirty DTF guy. I knew Bebb was a bad apple but thought Gobble was above this type of stuff.

    A sad day indeed.

  5. NeverForgives Says:

    There is no cover-up on the part of Sheriff Gobble. He has sent a letter and the sheriff’s CID independant investigation file to the DA that recommends Bobby Queen be charged with the crimes he committed. Everyone in the sheriff’s command staff agrees that something must be done. It is all up to the DA. Sheriff Gobble has always shown that he will do whats right even if it makes some people mad.

  6. NeverForgives Says:

    Cerebral Assassin…… If you know of a “Dirty Badge” why don’t you call the Sheriff or Chief or both and let them know. I know that they both do not want anyone working at the BCSO except Fair, Honest and Professional Deputies.

  7. SickOfIt Says:

    Well it looks like the dirty DTF Queen has officialy been sanctified and cannonized. Bebb and Gobble made it go away and word is that Queen is even financially rewarded for his crimes. Gobble being party to it was bad enough but when Mike Gall said Queen was some kind of victim and hero, I almost fell over. Gall said Queen’s nerves were “shot” ands he didn’t do anything wrong. Neighbors and SRT folks don’t agree.

    All four of you are a disgrace.

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