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Tim Gobble Comes Full Circle

Posted on 06 January 2011 by HTC Newshound

If everything goes well, the fortunes of perennial failure Tim Gobble will soon come full circle. The Newshound has learned that three days after Christmas, Gobble submitted his résumé for the position of police chief in Franklin, Tennessee. If he gets the job, it will be like returning to his roots; for you see, it was the Franklin police chief who helped set the shaky tone of Gobble’s political career when it began almost ten years ago.

Some of you may remember those heady days of 2002, when dashing Secret Service agent Tim Gobble won the heart of the popular vote and was elected to the Cleveland City Council. His first order of business was to clean up the Cleveland Police Department and force a reckoning on police chief Lee Reese. Gobble was Elliot Ness. He was gold.

Then things got shaky. Less than a year after his landslide election, Gobble came under fire for violating the Hatch Act and was thrown off the City Council. Even worse, it turned out that Lee Reese was friends with police chief Jackie Moore in Franklin, Tennessee. And even worse than that, Jackie Moore was the “special friend” of Gobble’s supervisor at the Service Service, Sara Beth Pulliam. Now there’s you a ménage à trois made in Hillbilly Heaven if the Newshound’s ever seen one.

Anyway, long story short, fledgling politician Tim Gobble was not just off the Council, he was out of the Secret Service as well. Gobble insists that he quit the Service rather than be transferred to DC as a punishment for bucking Lee Reese, but that’s not the case; according to Secret Service documents the Newshound saw with his own eyes, Gobble was fired. Shaky, shaky, shaky.

Then, in 2004, county mayor D. Gary Davis saved the day by hiring Gobble to be the new director of the Bradley County Emergency Management Agency. All of a sudden, Gobble was back on top. He was gold again.

But alas, that didn’t last either. It wasn’t long before the county mayor was expressing regret that he had ever hired Gobble in the first place. Davis and most of the Bradley County Commission began loudly and publicly complaining about the politician who was running the EMA. Davis even went so far as to lament, “Hiring Tim Gobble was the worst mistake I ever made.” Shaky, shaky. Within 16 months of being appointed EMA director, Gobble once again quit amid more charges of Hatch Act violations and a lack of confidence on the part of his bosses. But by that time, he had lost interest in the EMA job anyway. By that time, he had convinced himself he didn’t really want to be an EMA director — he wanted to be a sheriff instead.

In mid-2005, Gobble met with the head of the Tennessee Democratic Party Bob Tuke, local business man and political consultant Ron Moore, and another TNDP official to discuss Gobble running for office as a Democrat. According to Moore, Gobble told him, “(I) have always been a Democrat.” However, some time after their meeting, Gobble decided he would be better off, considering Bradley County’s heavily Republican population, to run as a Republican.

Which brings us to a second wave of heady days in 2006, when dashing ex-Secret Service agent, ex-city councilman and ex-EMA director Tim Gobble won the heart of the popular vote and was elected sheriff of Bradley County. He was gold again. Sheriff Gobble’s first order of business was to sue the County, and right off the bat, everything got shaky again: His popularity dropped like a egg from a tall turkey.

By the time Gobble lost his lawsuit against the County, he had also lost interest in the sheriff job, as well. He soon convinced himself he didn’t really want to be a sheriff — he wanted to be a U.S. Congressman instead. In May 2008, Gobble turned his attentions to politicking for the House of Representatives.

But by that time, nobody much cared anymore. Republicans were beginning to see him as a RINO and the public was beginning to see him as a flake, and this time the shaky period stayed with him. Gobble lost the Congressional race, lost his cushy job as sheriff and ended up taking a pity position as temporary Hamilton County jailer. Thus far, his job applications have all been rejected, including his application for a county manager position in Clay County, Florida.

Now Gobble wants to replace Jackie Moore as police chief in Franklin, Tennessee. See? If he nails it, he will have come full circle. But the Newshound will tell you this for free: Tim Gobble’s political career is a study in bipolar obliviousness. He has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory every time. He’s running out of options and so far that big marketing & sales company of his has signed exactly zero clients. Hopefully, he will get the Franklin, Tennessee gig. Let him play at being a police chief, see how long before his interest wanes. If nothing else, maybe it will get Christie off his back for a while.

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